Theres a Temporary Solution

January 18, 2009
By Anonymous

A pill,
Who Knew that they could solve my problems,
One pill after another,
Feeling sad,
Take a little prozac,
Cant concentrate,
Take a little Ritalin,
Pills, Pills, Pills,
Who knew that they could stop the world,
Make me feel nothing,
Make me feel happy all the time,
Is that normal,
Oh who cares,
It makes me not feel my real feelings,
Who cares if Im failing Geometry,
Who cares that I just lost 50 dollars on meds,
Who cares that my mom doesnt trust me anymore,
Who cares that these little pills make me have no identity,
Who cares that I gave sold a bottle of Hydrocodone to a 12 year old,
Who cares that one of my friends overdosed on Xanex,
I'll just take another pill,
Make the pain go away,
They're a temporary solution,

The author's comments:
I hope that this will help other teens with thier illegal perscription drug use. I have been off any sort of illegally perscribed medication since October 2007. I am just an ordinary teenager, hoping to help others with their mind numbing habits.

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