Poetry helps me to............................

July 6, 2009
By Tamara Thomas BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Tamara Thomas BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Poetry is easy and freeing at last
It helps me to forget the bad events in the past
I'm on to bigger and better things
I don't need to cling
I’ve made a fresh start
Now it’s time to do my part
I'm moving on for better or worse
I hope my heart can take it, I hope it doesn't burst
I'm done with the past, so I'm toasting to the future
My mom just had surgery and now she has a suture
She is fully recovered and now she’s back at work
Even though she still might be a little hurt
When I write poetry I can write about anything
I can laugh, dance, smile, I can even sing
Poetry makes me smile
Have fun, and actually live a while
I don't have to think or blink
But it's funny because I just learned how to wink
I'm finally done
This is official
You might forget my name
But you now know my initials

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