June 17, 2009
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I hate it when you
Get forwards from people
You don’t even talk to.

Or when you talk
To your friends and
All they say is
And things like that.
Why talk to some one
If you have nothing to say?

Or if they spell
Things wrong or
Shorten things to
Wat instead of what
U instead of you
Ik instead of I know
Idk instead of I know.
It bugs me.

And back to forwards
I guess people have
Way too much time
On their hands.
Do they just decide to
Randomly make one?
The worst are
The picture ones.
Some are very creepy.

I almost forgot.
Ig instead of I guess.
Come on perople
Its only a few
More letters.

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ProdigalDaughter said...
Jun. 27, 2009 at 3:56 pm
You spelled people wrong. Was that on purpose? Other than that, it's all pretty true.
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