love and hate...when life gives u lemons?

May 30, 2009
By Lauren Espique SILVER, Speedway, Indiana
Lauren Espique SILVER, Speedway, Indiana
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when life gives you lemons...arent you suppose to make lemonade? but what if someone came around and squashed them all over the floor... :[

i hate it when you give someone your trust and they use it to gain control over you.

i hate when people tend to say they love u and they'll always be here when they dont mean it.

i hate it when you have a "friend" that only wants you around when its convenient for them.

i hate being so forgiving because all its does is end up getting me hurt.

i hate continuing to be a good person when all people do in return is hurt me.

i hate how i tend to go for things out of my reach just for the challenge.

i hate how everytime our eyes meet my heart melts.

i hate when you smile at gives me uncontrollable butterflies.

i hate how loving you has hurt me so much...but i continue to do so.

i hate that no matter what i tell myself...i cant get over you.

i hate that you were my first love...

but what i hate the most is knowing that you will never feel the same way.


when life gives me lemoms...and someone comes around and squashes them all over the floor...i would go out and buy myself a soda!

i love when you know you can trust someone and they would never do anything to hurt you.

i love when you tell someone "i love you" and when they say it back...they trully mean it.

i love having a friend that will be there through anything and arent ashamed to be around you even if their friend is super crazy and embarrassing in public.

i love how when i give someone another chance...they will take it and do anything to make it up to me.

i love the feeling of making others happy...even if some of them in return can make me miserable.

i love the challenge of going for something that i know is out of my reach, and proving myself that i can become successful.

i love when our eyes meet...and i know that no matter what we'll always be friends.

i love your smile...and i cant help to smile back when u do so.

i love how no matter what i do...there's something about you that makes me fall for you every single time.

i love knowing that no other guy can make me feel the same way.

i love that i love you.

but what i love the most is that i know you will always be here.


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