Slanted Smile

May 29, 2009
By Anonymous

His slanted smile when he looks at me,
His sparkling milk chocolate eyes,
His hair matted to his head from wearing his favorite hat,
His wide shoulders and muscular arms,
Followed by his giant hands
That he wraps around my skinny fingers.
Sitting on the couch
And absent mindedly squeezes my shoulder,
Pulling me in closer.
Our late night runs to Dunkin Donuts,
Almost every other night of the week,
Never getting sick of drinking the hot chocolate.
Never wanting to get out of the car
When it's time to drop me off.
Making fun of all of my quirks,
Then telling me how much he loves them.
Meeting me at the corner,
Just to talk for five minutes.
Watching a movie with me
In his fuzzy pajama pants
That he doesn't let anyone see him in.
Getting out of the car at a random stop sign
Because I swore that I could beat him up,
But clearly wrong
Because I was the one covered in snow in the end.
Coming over to help me shovel,
But always ended up doing almost everything.
But then there are his harsh words,
The way that he can make you feel
Like the scum of the earth,
And that he walks right past me
Without a word,
And without that stupid slanted smile,
How he gets into the car with no hello,
And out without a goodbye.
How he can tell my friends,
Without a care,
That I was a waste of his time.
How he can bring me down,
Even after I apologize.
How easily he changed my mind about him.
How those big bear hugs
That once could fix anything,
Are now the furthest things from my mind.

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