My world without war 3

June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a cold morning, just past dawn, the mourning doves songs still fresh in the air. The robbins humming their tune. But I... I was was thinking about this world, images searing my brain with starvation death destruction, An ignorant leader dragging us down getting pulled into debt, losing lives left and right. Not able to stand it I stood up breathing the tepid air of my house nothing entering my brain, now numb with information. I walked out to my living room, turned on the T.V and watched as chaos embraced the world until. It was gone everything was gone. The earth we stood on vanished. I floated in limbo for hours not noticing my own presence. until I was back, everything changed time to clear the worlds mind, now not fighting over a black substance. not Fighting over religion just happy to be alive.

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