June 2, 2009
By Steve Vore BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
Steve Vore BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
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The rain
Sweet passion arises within the clouds
A soft drizzle, gently dampening the life below
Slowly simmering down, the clouds break free
Thus the awakening of a new era

What was once a darkened, muggy mess
Bursts into a clear shimmering blue
Revealing the chirp of the song bird
Water droplets trickling off flower petals
With the humming bird hovering close by
Scents of the sensual spring season
And freshly cut grass stream through the air

Willowing white clouds quickly turn a ghoulish grey,
Deer look up as the wind screams
Squirrels scurry
Leaves turn over

The Crackling, twisting, and turning of a branch
Plummets deep into the forests’ floor
The malice within the wind’s rage,
Annihilates every entity that dares stand in its path
Livid lightening flourishes the sky with disgust
Only trials of punishment and despair are to follow
The continuous vanishing light fogs
The vision of a once beautiful view

The darkness
Any life has yet to venture out
Despair that becomes unbearable
The fruit has rotted beyond belief
The glistening flowers demolished
A rancid carcass is left in shadows
A vulture soars over head
Any soul drowns in sorrow

A break in the obscurity above
Sheds a single ray of light
Focuses down upon one gorgeous flower
A butterfly cautiously flutters around her
Until he finally gains the courage to land
At this moment the single ray of light
Ruptures through the darkness in a matter of moments

The light
The darkness has faded
A short, staccato note played from the song bird
Encourages the rest of the forest to join in
A fawn sneaks out into the open,
Her mother closely following behind

The chirping of the birds
The trickling of a stream
The hum of the locusts
Synchronize in one perfect melody
A sense of comfort arises within the forest

The forest prevailed through the vicious storm
Bees begin to pollinate the glimmering new flowers
The butterfly claims his prize

With the reds, oranges,
Pinks and purples above
The flower radiates
And the butterfly glows

One perfect couplet
For a perfect rebirth

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