May 26, 2009
By Forest_Dweller BRONZE, Peyton, Colorado
Forest_Dweller BRONZE, Peyton, Colorado
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Meet me in the forest
Far beyond the oak

The branches will conceal us
Soft water sounds will heal us

I’ll slip off my socks
And roll up my jeans
We can wade until even
Our fingertips are numb

The flowers will sit upon the shore
Glowing with jealousy, and all for
The love that we have and they cannot
Oh dearest, see how they have fought

They will crane their necks forth
Trying to understand
That’s the beauty of it all
They’ll try but they can’t

And what of the river?
He will hate us too
I’m afraid he will take me
Away from you

Quick, grasp my arm
I sense it will be soon
He’ll try to take you away

Don’t let him take me away

I thought we could trust him
But he’s turned to the flowers
The flowers and their evil magic
Those wretched flowers and their magic

Perhaps we will find a place
Among the rays of the dawn instead

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