A Midsummer Nights Romp

May 21, 2009
By Katie Thompson SILVER, Mount Prospect, Illinois
Katie Thompson SILVER, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Dishes piled high
Running through the dishwasher with unusual speed
The smell of the nights dinner swarmed the air
Dinner almost done
Dessert trays coming in
Peach we’re almost done, two more tables!
Yeah Olympic dish pit crew
Wiping down the metal dishwasher
Shine stupid machine shine!
I run down the stairs to staff
Ripping off the stained blue polo that stretches past my waist
I Jump into a t-shirt jeans and cowboy hat
Soak myself in bug spray
Peach Court Lysh lets go!
We walk across the pavement
Through the creepy forest, not so creepy during the day
Oh my god, is that the underwear from laundry? That lace doesn’t…ewwww!
We run to claim our spot and jump up on the dilapidated logs
TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! Let me see your Michael Jackson!
Forty minutes later laughing our heads off, voices running from us frantically
Everyone leaves for snack bar, well almost everyone
Whip out the swimsuits ladies, beach party time!
Music dancing from tiny white speakers
Kaleigh do your best dive!
All of us in the boat now, maneuvering around the island..
Is that a shopping cart? Watch out for the turtle!
Off in the distance the bell sounds…Game Time in 20!
We doggy paddle the boat back to the shore
Running through the forest
Our wet feet attracting all kinds of mud and stones
Courntey falling behind, towel falling by her feet
Come on, wrap it like a tribal lady!
Back in girls staff we deck out in all the black we can
And arm ourselves with beastly water guns
No one will escape our wrath!
Making our pale skin black, charcoal covering every inch of visible skin
Sounds of mission impossible flood the camp
Staff members armed with pool noodles and water guns
Ready to attack campers any second
We hide out behind the sign, and hear steps behind us
I think someone’s coming! Kale?
A horse…is sniffing..my head!!
We fall on the ground laughing, the midnight high
Making the laughter going on for more than the normal time
I see kids!
We jump into position
Now not kitchen and barn staff but water snipers, awaiting a target
Totally got you! Passport please
Walking back to our hideout the bell rings
And we corral campers back to their cabins, none of them willing to go
Time for staff to relax after all the excitement
Movie in the parlor
Robin Hood Men In Tights floods the screen, the images illuminating the stained glass windows
Pizza covers the tables in front of us
And yet is gone if a few minutes
The men on screen break into song
And everyone in the room sings along
Motioning to the dance
Is he…is he jack hammering her chastity belt!?
Movie ends, back up through the black night to the dining hall
We steal cookies from the pantry
Grab glasses of milk
Make time for an impromptu dance party in the kitchen
And walk downstairs to our beds
Talk for a few minutes…and we’re out.

The author's comments:
A chronicle of a crazy night at work.

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