May 16, 2009
By AliciaW PLATINUM, Roy, Washington
AliciaW PLATINUM, Roy, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
It isn't about the Destination, its the journey

Day, night
Cold, white
Warm, storm
Remember the wonder,
Exile the bummers.

Sea, tea
Sheep, sleep
So many things,
All the possibilities
Would make a kettle steam

Waves crashing on rocks,
Wetness in your socks,
Something tickles your nose
While you dose
And you think of an ant,
Maybe it’s eating a plant…

Magical, mystical,
Mysterious, courageous
Maybe it’ll be a dream,
Of what you want to be
Or something you’ll dread to see

Opening of the eyes,
How it makes the pie die…
Earsers on a board….

You want it back
But the wire is all slack.
You want to see what happens next,
How farfetched.

“Five more minutes mom!”

But it could be gone
Or just drifting away
While your on the dock
A dream sails away.

Just like the pizza
And the pop
Sizzle to a stop

You could stay,
And wait for the return
But it’s a new day,

Why waste a day away,
Lying in bed,
Wishing it to never end
But when you wake
It causes a quake
And your dream,
Is turned to ruble,
And it will fumble

You blink your eyes,
And another dream
Sets sail.

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