Sweet Rain

May 16, 2009
By CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Inhale the cool wind of the dark night,
Soul soothing, Mind-relaxing,
Built up tension released in an instant.
Streetlights cast a deep pool,
Becoming one with the concrete below,
Peace and Quiet.
In one split moment,
Rain begins to ruthlessly pour,
Bursting through the sky above,
Streaks of blue diamonds brighten the heavens with glory,
Illuminating the earth's everlasting beauty.

As the rain falls,
Their lips become wet,
Moist with love and desire,
Craving the attention,
Needing the sentiment,
Missed the affection,
That only you could provide,
Lips will always be tender,
With you by my side.
One sweet and sultry kiss,
to make me wish,
The drought was over.

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