May 19, 2009
By Brent Showers BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
Brent Showers BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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Playing with a white little ball,
Listening to the umpire scream a call.
The amazing sound of a wooden bat,
Always putting on your sweaty hat.
Dreaming of playing in the major leagues,
Always trying to be prestige.
The terrible thing to have a backward K,
Everyone does it so it’s ok.
Every game is a blast,
Doesn’t matter if it’s your first or last.
Whenever the game is done,
We hope it was really fun.
The steroids used by Alex Rodriguez,
And also by Manny Ramirez.
I personally don’t think it makes a difference,
They use them to hit the ball over the fence.
I hope you play someday,
If you don’t I guess it’s ok.
At least just watch it on TV,
It is actually cool, you will see.

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