May 14, 2009
By Catherine Flotte BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
Catherine Flotte BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Thump, thump. Thump, thump.
“Is someone coming near?”
I question who that might be,
For the mystery is what I fear.

As the thumping grows louder
And increases in speed,
My breathing runs heavily
And my heartbeat races in need.

I wish I knew the world through eyes
For I must discover the thumping I inquire.
My nose, fingers, tongue, and ears
Fail to perform what I desire.

What concocts such a noise?
I cannot quite comprehend.
Then just as I tried to listen more closely,
The thumping seemed to end.

I decided whatever it had been
Was only thumping and nothing more.
However, right then and there
Someone shoved me to the floor.

I floundered and flailed,
And I shrieked and shouted.
A coarse voice said,
“Be quiet or be bounded!”

I had not a clue of what to do,
Who he was, or even where he was.
Hence, I lay still on the ground,
Praying for a “Hallelujah!”

Then a soothing voice whispered in my ear.
“Reach to the left and throw to the right.”
With serenity, I reached to my left.
What I found I threw with all my might.

The man had fallen to the floor—
I had heard the last thump.
I knew I was safe once again, and
With gratefulness and composure I got up.

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