A plea for sanity

May 13, 2009
By UniquleyAdorable GOLD, Woodstock, Georgia
UniquleyAdorable GOLD, Woodstock, Georgia
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There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to see the ways in which you yourself have altered.- nelson mandela

Kill me before you hurt me
Kiss me before I lose my mind
Hold me until I scream
Never leave until you’re dying breath
You hold everything
Heart soul pain anger love
Everything is in your hands
There is nothing left but a sliver of sanity
And my last few breaths
Give me a look
Spare a glance
Touch my hand
Something to show you are not emotionless
Something to show you care
Should I wait
Should I leave
Tell me please
Send a sign a signal a hope a desperate plea
Just please say you love me
Say I am not imaging everything
Give me your trust
Give me your heart
Give me something
Just not heartache
If the latter is your response
Just shut me away
Never look at the anguish upon my face
Those tears that stream down my face are nothing but those of relief
For I never loved you like you thought
I never spared a single glance
Or a desperate plea for you to love me

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