A Failed Attempt

April 26, 2009
By Katrina</3 BRONZE, Whitewood, Other
Katrina</3 BRONZE, Whitewood, Other
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The worn, wooden door slams
Now she stands alone
Shivering in the cold, shuddering in the rain
Slowly, she turns and sits down on the stoop
Of his battered apartment building
Mascara tears slide, never-ending down her face
Mixed with rain
Trembling, she pulls her thin jacket tighter
Around her shoulders
A failed attempt at shielding herself from the night
She wraps her pale, gangly arms around herself
The rain, now soaked through her clothes
Beading, on her cool skin
Her head falls, heavily, to her hands
And the cold grips her bones in its gnarly hands
With no where to go
She pulls her knees to her chest
Her eyelids flutter
And another lonely night begins

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