The Tree of Loss and Gain

April 27, 2009
By Davison Lauren BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
Davison Lauren BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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Around this tree my dreams gracefully float
This place of sweet and longing hope.
The beauty held within my dreams
Makes them burn brighter than they seem.

I caught my dreams up in my hands
I knew that he would understand.
He knew that I had more to be
He saw it hidden underneath.

My dreams once held him close and dear
And whispered words of love into my ear.
Then I found life’s next good-bye
I realized that my dreams must fly.

Now they float around a tree
Much like the one where God placed Adam and Eve.
I’ve lost the dreams I used to hold
My new dreams will be bright and bold.

As Adam’s sons found joy in imperfection
So will I in this painful lesson.
It seems letting go is hard to do
What I want now will be wonderfully new.

The tree of wrong and right
Gave others a pristine light.
The tree of loss and gain
Let me know I could dream again.

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