My Love For You

April 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Verse 1
Yo, Ima express my flow, through the love that grows,
So let me tell you ‘bout this girl I know,
I let my feelings go, and it really shows,
So now let me tell you ‘bout this girl I know,
My feelings grow, I kept it on the low,
So you should let me tell you ‘bout this girl I know,
I have to undergo, the love I feel fo’ sho,
So let me tell you ‘bout this girl I know,
Yo I met this girl when I was a freshman,
One look I knew she was prettier than the rest and,
Her personality real chill and me likey,
She the type of girl I’d like to have as a wifey,
We talked some more and bonded real nicely,
My feelings started flaring up like a food spicy,
And she has the pretty looks that quite strikes me,
I like her a lot but I wonder if she likes me,
I tell her all of this and I don’t go think it,
When I dream at night you know she’s so in it,
She probably already know how much I care for her
But ima still put all my soul in it.

Verse 2
When she moved away I was devastated,
It felt like my heart just went and levitated,
Right out of my body and it barely even made it,
A lot of my friends moved away I really hate it,
But she’s an important dime I want her to be mine,
Because she is the queen of my cloud nine,
I think she’s fine I think that we should dine,
In a shrine ‘cause when I look in her eyes man it stops the time,
We talked and texted each other in the summer,
Without her in the city man life was a bummer,
I never knew how to love until I met her,
Like Wyclef said she is the sweetest girl ever,
But it occurred to me that it’s a man that she has,
I want her to be happy so that doesn’t make me mad,
And she probably the best girl that he has,
She’s my addiction I don’t wanna go to rehab.

Verse 3
Yo, Ima express my flow, through the love that grows,
Wait I just said this but ima let ‘em know,
About you baby girl not long ago,
When I felt like Cupid hit me with the arrow and the bow,
You know how to look cute like a pro,
When you hugging me it feels like time’s going slow,
I ain’t keepin’ it a secret everyone knows,
‘cause in reality you had me at hello,
You won’t even believe the love I’ll supply,
In me you can rely, and I can’t deny,
I want you here in my arms like Hellogoodbye,
How many times did them dudes make you cry,
Like I did with them poems that were true,
Without you in my life I feel like I have the flu,
I got a lot of pride for what I’m ‘bout to do,
Because I want you to know that I really love you.

The author's comments:
this is a rap/song that i wrote for a girl a year ago. It's one of my best pieces

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on May. 9 2009 at 5:46 pm
i love this. it is so cute u did a great job keep writing

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