April 14, 2009
By Kortney Butler BRONZE, Deposit, New York
Kortney Butler BRONZE, Deposit, New York
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If you were expecting perfect
Look somewhere else
If you were looking for easy
Try someone else
You think I am
Only what you see
Believe everything you hear
But there is more to me
I flirt but its innocent
I act strong but can be weak
Honest and caring
But also ***
I have my flaws
And make my mistakes
But im not fake
I hate talking crap
Or being two faced
If you need help
Ill be there
I don’t judge
Because I don’t know
If I do know
Then its not my place
My ears are yours
And my shoulders too
If you ask
Ill cry with you
Heres a secret or two
I cry over boys
And give my heart too fast
No matter how it hurts
I try and move on
I dream of the future
And think of the past
But I don’t regret
What didn’t last
I stress over little things
But handle the large
I just do whats needed to survive
If you didn’t know this
Now you do
If you want to know the truth
Have the nerve to ask
Because rumors are lies
Lies are untrue
If you believe the lies
I really don’t mind
Because I know the TRUTH

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