A hallway to heaven

April 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Faster then the speed of light
But feeling like a lifetime
The true years of a lifetime
Is like a hallway to heaven

People are all ready to live forever
But haven’t figured out that their life is a test
Life is like a hallway where
There are many ways to turn

There is always a right and a left
The right is the right way
And the left is the wrong way
So choose what kind of future you want

To get to heaven you have to first be tested
For the truth and the lies
The more truth you have the easier it is
To get through the hallway to heaven

People that lie gets themselves confused
And lose themselves in the hallway of life
Which leads you to the burning ends of hell
And you lose yourself to the devil

There is one big obstacle in the hallway to heaven
It requires you to believe and have faith
His name is Jesus and he is the obstacle
And he wants you to except him in to your heart forever

This is how you may trespass the gates of heaven
To live forever.

The author's comments:
Well life has many obsticales and there is man twists and turns that you have to compete with so you have dp the right things in life to feel successful

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