April 16, 2009
By Anonymous

This world can seem so lovely
and this life can seem so too
that at times we never see
what is therefor true

But who's to blame
for wouldn't we all love to be
and to see lovely in our lives

I cannot say I wouldn't love
to be a lovely lie.

But I cannot
for (i) wish you a lovely day
yet you return (my) favor in another way

For my natural tendency
is to stay
and in this world of lovely
I hope you won't betray (me)

because I want this lovely life to be
something that's real
that I can see

But I'll take a step back into reality
because I know it can not be

So I will sit
and I will wait

For what seems to me
for the date

Which will be lovely
by all means
completely void
of things obscene

So I will live a lovely lie
where things exist
and one day die

For it is mine
(not yours)

I can have lovely if I try

So I wish for you a lovely lie
where things are lovely

and you will live
and you will

The author's comments:
This poem i would have to say explores the idea of something being "lovely". Starting out is talks about how lovely is something nice but has it's flaws. While is continues it talks about how lovely whether it just being something nice or something you want is something we all desire. We all want it whether we admit to it or not. It goes on with things about lovely with it's ups and it downs and it sort of explores the idea of you have to have unlovely things to have lovely things.

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