Study Hall

April 7, 2009
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Everyday it’s the same thing.
We sit here and study.
Some more than others.
Most go to the library
maybe to escape from studying if only for a little while.
Still others who are good
and have all there studying done
and read to escape to fantasy worlds
while others do nothing
stare off into space
with that dopy look on there face
wishing that they were anywhere but here.
As I look out at this study hall
I can’t help but wonder what there really thinking.
Is there something going on in their life that no one else knows about.
Do they too put up a wall to hide everything.
Do they put a smile on their face when inside there anything but happy.
Denying even to themselves how much it hurts.
Or are they just happy.
Their only worry is if they are going to pass that test next period.
Maybe its just me who worries about things like walls
and questions
maybe one day
I will accept it
and maybe
just maybe one day I won’t worry
about crumbing walls
and thousands of questions anymore.

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