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Decisions That Lead to Life or Death

November 22, 2016
By tita1117 BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
tita1117 BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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There will always be two sides at war in this world. The righteous who follow God and the sinners who rebel against Him. In this essay, you will see the consequences that were lead by bad decisions. You will also see the rewards that God provides to those who obey Him. Our Father put these stories in the Bible for us to learn from their mistakes and right decisions.

Now, let’s talk about Cain and Abel. Although they were brothers, they were two completely opposite people. Cain held rebellious feelings in his heart toward God. He trusted his own ways and ideas instead of God’s. In the contrary, Abel loved and feared the Lord. One day, God instructed them to each make a sacrificial offering. He gave specific instructions on how to do it. Cain decided to do it his own way, so he included fruit in his sacrificial offering. Abel’s offering had the firstlings of the flock and of the fat just like God had commanded. Cain’s decision lead to very bad consequences. God denied his sacrifice, and because of this Cain got very angry which lead to the very first murder in history. Sometimes, we are like Cain. We think we know what’s best for us over God’s decisions, but in reality we are just fallen humans who need God for every step in our lives.

Seth honored God and did His will. He stayed away from the sinful descendants of Cain. Seth had a brother named Enoch. He was also a holy man, separating himself from the descendants of Cain, fearing that he would fall into temptation. We should follow their example. If you try to avoid sin and temptation in your life, God will bless you. The Lord told Enoch about the flood. He also explained to him the plan of salvation. He saw the wicked people who rebelled against God and the righteous crowned in glory and honor.

Enoch’s relationship with God grew more heavenly. His face was radiant with a holy light. He shared with others the wisdom that God gave him. Enoch was removed from the presence of the righteous and the wicked. God didn’t allow him to die as other men, and took him up to heaven. This must have been an incredible experience for Enoch! Can you imagine being so close to God that one day he decides to bring you even closer to Him? This says so much about God’s loving character. The story of Enoch gives a lesson to all people that even though we live in a sinful world, we can still be righteous children of God by obeying His law and resisting temptation.

Do you see the difference here? The decisions we make in life are so important. The wrong ones lead to death, and the right ones lead to eternal life and happiness with our Creator. Cain did his own will and this lead to the death of his very own brother. Enoch chose to part from the sinfulness of the world, and this lead to being even closer to God and true happiness.

Another wonderful example of obedience is the story of Noah. The Lord instructed him to build an ark. This might have seemed like a crazy idea, but Noah trusted God. He made the ark with the exact measurements that God had told him to do. This was not Noah’s onl job tho. He was also told to preach to the people. Sadly, they rejected his words of warning and laughed at Him. Some even tried to follow God, but did not fully repent of their sins. They loved the worldly pleasures more than their Creator. When they saw all of the animals neatly going into the ark, they reacted with wonder and fear. Then, the influence disappeared because their hearts were hardened by rebellion.

When the storm began, it was the most frightful scene that they had ever experienced. The sky turned into dark clouds with thunder and lightning flashing, causing the people to fear greatly for their lives. The rain coming down was like cataracts from the sky. Trees, buildings and rocks went in every direction, destroying everything in it’s path. Animals ran in fear to the mountains. The altars which the people had made for their gods were violently destroyed with lightning. Some tried to enter the ark, but it was too late. The biggest storm in history was taking place.

Years after the flood took place, man rebelled against God again. Many believed that the flood was just a natural cause. Others believed that God unjustly destroyed the antediluvian race. Either way, the majority hated God and separated themselves from the godly. They planned to build a high tower that would reach the clouds, higher than how much the flood reached. They seeked to discover reasons for the flood. Their plan was to make the whole world honor and worship them like gods. The rooms were decorated and furnished, mostly to worship their gods.
God did not like this idea at all and sent two angels to confound their language. Everyone became confused and stopped working on the tower. You see, no one can go against God’s will and change it. No matter how hard you try, if God makes a decision, it will be done. To show the rebellious people that He is supreme, He sent lightning from heaven to hit the top of the tower to the ground.

God teaches that all who obey Him receive a reward. This does not only count for the people in the Bible but for each and every one of us today. Always ask God for counsel before making your decisions in life. It could lead either to death, or eternal life with our Creator.

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