Evolution and Creationism: What to Do?

June 17, 2014
The debate between evolution and creationism is well known and has been raging back and forth for quite some time. Evolution in its base from offers the origins of life with no creator and the driving force of natural selection after the Big Bang. The general idea of creationism is that God created the universe as we know it. Granted there are some forms of creationism that conform to certain aspects of evolution, but all have some creator (usually God) that made the universe. This debate will most likely continue on endlessly because there is no definitive answer that will convince one side to concede. It is impossible to scientifically prove that God exists, and no matter how convincing the scientific evidence may seem creationists believe that the Bible is true. All that is left is a stalemate because one side will not deny its belief and the other will not accept evidence that does not meet scientific standards or hypothesizes that include a supernatural deity. Everyone is now left with several choices. Evolution or creationism? Religion or no religion? A mix of both? If so how much from each side? Neither? A belief from another religion? This creates a wide spectrum of beliefs were everyone can find a belief that suits them but may contradict with another, and arguing is pointless because there is no way for any of them to say with absolute surety that they are correct. It is best to leave everyone to make their choice on what to believe and leave it at that. As human beings we have the right to choose in what we believe in even if others may not agree. As it stands we may never know all of the intricacies of the universe and life in all its complexity. Or perhaps, depending on your belief, we will find out once we die. In the end it is better to take the energy spent on debating and use it to live a fulfilling life instead or squabbling almost ourselves.

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