Because it Rains

March 14, 2014
There was that time you slipped on the ice, scraping your knee on the asphalt.
Or that time a bright red Porsche splashed you with a raining spray of mud.
But then too, there also was that time last week you forgot your lunch at home. Again.
And what did you learn from those incidents? Those, and the countless other trivial affairs that continually plague the well-being of our life's sought after perfection.
They are cracks in the mirror. Chips in the paint.
Natural and unavoidable defects to our life's form.
And what have they taught you?
Ice is still slippery and you're still going to walk to school on a rainy day.
Because you have to.
And no one is going to blame you for it.
Because what we take away from these experiences is nothing at all.
Sometimes things just happen.
There is no dot to connect. No new coordinate to discover on life's expansive road map.
There is no lesson to be learned.
So when someone tells me that things happen for a reason, I have to laugh.
Because even though you fell once, you will eventually fall again.
And it's bound to rain soon.

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KaavyaM This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 18, 2014 at 3:05 am
I love this. I love how you've used "chips in the paint" as a metaphor for all the little accidents that have happened in our lives. And I love how insightful this is; with you finally making the point that these things will always happen, because that's what life is. I especially think the very last line is amazing. It really drives the whole idea home. So great, great job.
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