How can you Deny God

May 22, 2013
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How can i believe in God? It is so much easier to assume their is no God, because if there is why do so many people die tragically? Their is no proof of God! These are questions that I have asked and heard many people ask. As a religious Jew I believe in a creator and ruler of the universe, but i struggle comprehending what it means to have a God. When I discussed this topic with my rabbi he gave a great metaphor. He said "you are in the middle of a desert and there are bunch of tiny pieces of gears all around you. You watch as suddenly their is an explosion and the gears and pieces form back into a watch. Is this possible? The universe was nothing, but once the Big Bang came everything formed. So if the large scale big bang happened then it should not be hard to believe the watch in the desert." This is a great proof. Although we cannot always understand the motives of God and his laws maybe hard to follow all the time, but he is out there and we should not deny he is real.

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