The Religious Division

February 11, 2012
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Most teenagers grow to a rebellious stage in their lives. Everyone has a different way of expressing their rebellion. I believe in God, but my anger is pointed towards religion (which I refuse to tie God down with). The world has had plenty of tragic events take place mostly due to religion. Sometimes I believe that all of this religion hype is a test from God. Does he want to see what we would do for his name? Does killing for his name make you a hero to your culture? I doubt so. Genocide has been a popular way of expressing their anger against another religion. I am not an Atheist, I'm Agnostic. Plenty of people mistake the two different beliefs if you will. I am not against spirituality. In fact I love spiritual people. I believe people are on a spiritual level when they look at the world and, just nature alone on a deep level, and what God's mysterious ways are done for. People automatically assume that if you are anti-religion you are anti-God, which is a terrible stereotype. God has nothing to do with religion, but religion has everything to do with God. Religion teaches you to be satisfied with not understanding the world in that it just teaches you to fulfill God's will instead of helping human kind, and finding out information for yourself. People will never understand the world on the same level because everyone perceives things on a different level. God is important too, so don't you agree you should help improve what he created?

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