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December 12, 2010
By jamcas5 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
jamcas5 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Sometimes we do not realize our most important moments in life until after they are merely the past. Looking back and reminiscing on past events aids in discovering valuable life lessons, even if we do not learn them until after the fact. I leisurely asked my mom if she had time for me to ask her a few questions for a religion project. She happily agreed, knowing I would probably interview her even if she had politely declined. Had I asked her about two years ago, however, her response may have been different. As I learned today when I began to ask her the exact questions from my rubric, she recalled that she felt changed and enlightened when my sister, Emily, decided to enter into a religious order. This seemed rather strange to me because my mom’s life would not be changed as much as Emily’s would. Nonetheless, I pressed on with the interview, occasionally including my own questions. She proceeded to tell me that Emily’s decision affected not only their relationship, but also my mom’s relationship with God. Emily went to daily mass, and soon she invited my mom along with her. My mom was hesitant at first because the mass began at 5:30, right after everyone returned home from school, work, or practice. She needed time to cook dinner for the family and take care of everyone else’s needs. The more she went, however, the less stressed she was about daily activities. Not to say that these normal tasks became easier physically, my mom just realized how to put everything on God because it was far too much for her to handle. The more she went to mass and prayed the rosary with Emily, the deeper their relationship grew. Consequently, my mom had the desire to reach such a deep relationship with the rest of her family. Then, family time became of utmost importance. We would spend time as a family playing games or watching movies or even praying. Through my mom’s experience, I have learned a lot about baptism. Those desiring to enter the Church must learn and grow in their faith, just as my mom had to learn to put her trust in God. Also, the more my mother turned to God, a seemingly individual deed, the more she united our family. Similarly, a person deciding to become a Catholic must engage in the Catholic community to fully experience God’s work. Just as my mom experienced a change of heart after relying on God, a soon-to-be Catholic will experience the fullness of a completely transformed heart and soul, as well as other rejuvenating graces after he or she completes the sacrament of baptism and dives into the comforting waters of God’s love.

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