June 9, 2010
By musicismysoul BRONZE, East Northport, New York
musicismysoul BRONZE, East Northport, New York
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I’m writing from the bottom of my young heart that beats steadily as it pumps my pure blood throughout my unscathed soul. I am not sure where this will be read or who it will be read by because topics of faith are forbidden in public, but I am still writing. I’m writing, using my brain protected and undamaged by my world’s repelling opinions. I’m writing because the future is in my hands and I am not afraid to speak my mind because the emotion of fear is replaced with my determination, to make a difference.

Starting since the early sixteen hundreds, settlers have been coming to the United States for basic rights and freedoms. Today the United States is considered to be a melting pot consisting of many different cultures and a myriad of religions. Including; Protestants, Roman Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and etcetera. Most citizens have come here for a better life and struggled along the way. Our founding fathers created an unbiased governing system just for it to be partially destroyed today. Destroyed by people who live in fear of expressing there opinions, because there voices go unheard.
If we all lived in faith would there be fear? Would there be crime? Would there be hatred? Of course creating a utopia is impossible, because even a utopia would have its flaws. But creating a better place to live by following our founding fathers intentions, would help us make changes that will allow us to survive. We must pass over our own traffic jams and look at the world as a whole. We must think of people in other countries and help them. While you may want a new phone because yours is outdated there can be a child comforting their siblings beside their mother’s death bed, wishing for her life that was taken by a disease that they could not purchase medicine for. While you may be surrounded by luxuries, there are civilizations crying in hunger. If we all lived in faith, wouldn’t we be trying to stop this? If we had faith would there be wars going on? Would innocent lives be taken away? Would money continue to be spent on a game of death?

So why don’t people listen? Why don’t we have faith? Because we are afraid. We might have freedom of religion in the United States but the cost of it is racism, and criticism for your belief. You don’t have to be monotheistic or polytheistic or even have a religion to have faith. You can have faith in the people around you, faith in yourself. Faith that you can make a difference. That we can find cures. That we can stop Global Warming. That we can decrease world hunger. Together we can make a difference. If you can just stop and think even for just one day “What can I do to help?” You can make a difference by just having faith in yourself and faith in others. Leave all your hatred aside and we can make it. Please, I am begging you, for this country will be in my generation’s hands soon enough, please let’s start cleaning up after ourselves, make our job easier because you are the ones that unconsciously made it difficult.

I’m writing this to spread awareness. I’m writing this to plead for your help. I’m writing this because my voice will not go unheard. I’m writing this to explain my definition of hell. Hell is a place without hope or faith where only evil and destruction can live. That’s where we are heading; life on earth will become the demons’ home. Only one thing is for sure, we need help. We need each other. We need faith.

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