global warming

October 5, 2017
By Anonymous

Global warming affects food production, natural habitats and rising sea-levels.
One source of global warming is carbon dioxide in greenhouses. Gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Farmers produce roughly, thirty-seven and sixty-five percent of the global methane. Climate change also affects the food production; Mostly because of the high average heat. 
Three main cause and effect of global warming are; Number one, this high heat is melting the ice, which can worsen the weather and expand oceans. There are more frequent heatwaves, the rising sea levels, make storm surges stronger. Extra heat is being absorbed, this cause ocean expansion. The ocean is practically forty percent more acidic than it should be. 
The second point I would like to make is; The way food is grown, is being affected. With the terrible water sources; weeds, pests and diseases. The ozone level closer to the ground is increasing, due to the warmer temperatures. 
My third point is; the natural habitats that the animals live in are becoming hostile to the organisms living there. Some of the ecosystems are struggling; The polar ice caps have been melting, and the animals that use that ice to survive, like polar bears and penguins are having trouble thriving in their ecosystems. Longer summers are causing tree-killing insects to thrive, the defense mechanisms are weakened.
In conclusion, Global warming is affecting food, habitats and sea-levels.

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