Bottled Water Advantages

February 24, 2017
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Bob Ross once said, “Bottled water brings many good things to the earth”. This is very true and I agree. Bottled water is great in many ways and therefore, bottled water should not be banned.

One reason bottled water should not be banned is, according to Friends Journal because it’s safer than glass bottles. Glass bottles left out could cause harm. It’s proven that broken glass bottles cause thousands of injuries annually. Along with glass bottles being harmful for people, they can also be very dangerous for wildlife. For example, Sharp/broken glass remains can easily cut animals, especially fish when the glass gets into the ocean.

The second reason why bottled water should not be banned is because it’s a very critical life saver. Friends Journal once said that bottled water is very helpful in case of natural disaster, It’s a source of stored water when there might not be any running drinking fountains. In fact, It might be the only source of water at all in case of emergency. From CNN, there was a natural disaster in Flint Michigan that led to having lead in their bottled water. In fact, the average family drank 151 bottles per day for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and of course drinking. It states that they used 36 bottles for cooking, 36 for washing hair, 27 for drinking, and 24 for doing dishes. All of that is just for a family of three, Which means that each person used roughly around 50 bottles.

Although people may enjoy bottled water, it is very expensive. MNN said that buying a bottle of water is the same thing as paying for tap water in a bottle. Although expensive, bottled water is very portable. Some quick things you can use it for are as simple as packing one for lunch. Also, you can take your bottled water with you to extracurricular sports activities. And it’s also purchasable in any store.

Overall, the world needs to see how useful bottled water can be. Unfortunately, lots of people don’t recognize this issue. We need to make it well known that bottled water brings many great advantages to the world. Therefore, bottled water should not be banned.

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