March 21, 2013
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Is this real? This life this society this world? how can people sit down an go day by day and live this crazy life not knowing what's next. When you look at kids all you see is laughter you'll never see pain. When you look at teens you see pain, frustration, confusion and loneliness. When I look at myself I don't see what others see. I look and see what I wish to be or who I wish to seem to be. You say I'm beautiful but I cant tell, you say I'm the world but again I see nothing. Threw life I've seen it all I been through enough, I have one person who tells me these things that I see as lies but then again I feel the way they say. Life to me is a huge distraction from happiness because without the pain and the suffering you cant be happy in the long run. People try to be as happy as they can but things start to turn against them for the worst, babies start dying, teens get raped or laying around having babies, adults getting fired from there jobs, family's going against family. Yet even with all that going on people still seem to not get that life is suppose to be beautiful and powerful not just something you can take away for no reason. Yeah, Its hard but still why kill,why steal,why take away something that god himself put together. If only someone can tell me and explain to me why this world is so f***ed up maybe ill get to understand a lot more and stop wishing to know if this will ever change. Sooner or later everyone around us will be choosing LIFE OR DEATH!

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