Time, Counted in The Little Moments

March 4, 2013
By Anonymous

If it's not my crazy teen hormones telling me I'm some inspirational philosopher with some form of an answer talking, I believe time has some sort of significance.

I'm not talking about the agony of sitting through hours of teacher's lectures,the awkward time you're eating dinner with your family, or anything big. I'm talking about the little things.

They say the little moments in life are the most important, but the importance goes even smaller than that.

Have you ever thought about the time in between the stoplight, when both stop lights are red for just a moment? Have you ever thought of the time in between commercials when the screen goes black for maybe less than even a second? What about, the time in between each song on the radio? The time in between your sentences?
Maybe I'm just overly ambitious, but have you ever had the chance to think that maybe all this time we have on our hands could add up to something big.

Now, that's not all there is to it. See the time we sit through these moments, just waiting for something bigger, better to happen, is wasted time. Time we can never get back.

The time you don't smile at someone before the stoplight changes to green, the time you don't turn off the tv before you get sucked back in and do something more productive, the time you don't take a risk and try something new is WASTED.
Before time runs out
Before the big change happens
Make YOUR and someone else's life better.
Time wasted is time you'll never get back.

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