Women power!

May 29, 2014
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When we first hear this word...What comes into our mind is the discrimination related to inequality of women in India.
This is a largely debated topic of today but its only limited till debates....no one takes any steps to eliminate discrimination from our Indian society!
It is important for us to know that though we feel that there is no discrimination nowadays...People have modernised but it hasn't happened in the rural areas, people still discriminate between men and women in the rural areas!
Girls in the villages are still expected to leave their studies and learn household work as studying in the villages is considered a waste of time for the girls whereas families support the boys to complete their studies!
The reason behind this is that people believe that girls are just temporary belongings who have to get married and move to some other house one day...they take their girl Childs as a burden on their heads while a boy child is a symbol of proudness which people boast about.
Some people go to such an extent of cheapness that if a girl child is born...they throw the child away in a dustbin. This not only happens in villages but in urban areas even...people get rid of the child if they come to know that it’s a girl! This is the reason why sex determination has been banned in many of the hospitals.
And the mother is blamed and tortured if a girl is born but if we look at it scientifically the father is the one who is responsible for the sex of the child...It’s the father’s chromosome which determines the gender of the unborn.
A woman is believed to be only dependent on her husband...she is not supposed to be independent after marriage. A woman who works for a living is termed as “not a good wife”. In the rural areas this is more prominent...one of the shocking things is the Sati System! It’s a ritual in which a widow in the village is burnt ALIVE along with her husband’s body! This is done because people believe that after her husband is dead she has no right to live...and it is the woman’s fault that her husband died. I mean this is crazy...but this is the shocking yet horrible reality of the women’ status in a society.
This dependence and low status of women is what the men take advantage of...the daily rapes...molestation...sexual harassment and eve teasing are the results of the low unity between women! If we fight for our rights together...if we become one...no man can have the balls to even pass a comment on us! WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS AND SHOW THE WORLD THAT NO POWER IS ABOVE WOMEN POWER! IF WE WANT WE CAN DO ANY DAMN THING!!

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