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September 25, 2013
By , Ampang, Malaysia
I’m a believer in comedy. And I personally think if once in a while we looked at certain things in a comedic manner we wouldn’t be facing so much discrimination. The only reason people are hurt is because they consider or in other words ‘care’ about what society think of them and how they are viewed. Caring is not a bad though, that’s not what I’m trying to say, all I’m saying is that why bother what the popular kids in school, or the big bully says and thinks. You need to be satisfied with yourself and other people should not interfere with this unless you allow them to do so.
So if we all learn to live comfortable lives, worry about our own problems and put away other people’s choices behind us, because we have no God given right to judge, we could all live a satisfied life.
If you could laugh about all your insecurities and think of them silly, there is no way someone can get to you and hurt your feelings. They can’t hurt your feelings because you have them under your control.
Please, for the sake of anything you believe in, try this. The next time someone makes fun of you just laugh and tell them how true it is and how funny you find it as well. Don’t let others get to you.
I’m only trying to help, because I know how terrible some things could feel. And what terrible things it could lead to.

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Sadseal said...
Sep. 21 at 1:27 pm
keep writing. you have my support, and my heart.
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