Love and Other Regulations

July 29, 2011
By JuarezMonica SILVER, Ontario, California
JuarezMonica SILVER, Ontario, California
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A touchy subject no longer, same- sex marriage has risen to the forefronts of many minds. Appearing in politics, religion, and even in people’s daily lives. Kids are usually told marriage is sacred and will happen when you find the right person, your soul-mate. How could something so “sacred” be so restricted?

America may not judge people on the color of their skin anymore, or hate on a citizens race, but we do condemn others on their love life. Something as personal as choosing which toilet paper you like to use. Same-sex relationships were never a political issue, found in comedic line-ups frequently. Why the sudden change? When did justice become judgment? Binding someone’s own freedom to love whoever, and whatever gender, should be illegal. Once again the government system has contradicted itself. Some may not condone the actions of homosexuals but, I believe, there is no one on Earths soil who should be able to justify why same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. People being forced to hide themselves and the person they are. Feeling bound by what America has said is morally and lawfully correct. How can we point the fingers of shame on gays and lesbians without pointing it right back on us, for being cruel and letting our own feelings and beliefs in the way of governing a country?
Beliefs and religion were also a key component in banning same – sex marriages. Justice may be blind but never emotionless. During the fight to prohibit gay marriage, many Christians spoke out their thoughts. Saying gays are a sin, and God hates gays. Hurtful and questionable discrimination. I may not have read the Bible five times, or know every verse but even if it said in every line that gay marriage was a deadly sin , I would not let it influence my countries efforts to equality for all. Signs that say the solution to gay marriage is hanging, and stating that Gods’ will is to see a man and woman, only, have a healthy family, go against two of the Ten Commandments. Thou shall not commit murder, and Thou shall not misuse Gods name. And nowhere in those ten statements did I see Thou shall not marry ones same gender. Needles to say the Bible is not a reliable source to base ones government.

Now I as a teen see same-sex marriage as nothing that affects me. And my own parent’s wise words against it only show me how ignorant even adults can be. Although I believe same-sex marriages are constitutional I don’t think that they belong in school discussions. Only because those things still are a choice by the ones that chose that lifestyle, not exactly part of the teaching curriculum. I am not one that is offended or feels the need to stare at a gay couple holding hands or sharing a kiss. I more perceive it as two people fighting for what they know is right, no matter what anyone’s picket signs may say. I would have no problem attending a gay marriage, and someday actually look forward to being a guest to many.

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