Idel Chattle?

March 24, 2012
By ThatTimiGirl SILVER, Wheeling, West Virginia
ThatTimiGirl SILVER, Wheeling, West Virginia
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In my economics class we sit and have intelligent conversations. One topic came up that truly struck a chord. Why is it that we, students, have zero say in our economy? We are the future, and twenty years from now we will be paying off the national debt. Students feel the repercussions of representatives every day, but we have no power to fight back!

Understandably, Americans do not want uneducated children making uneducated votes, however; not all adolescents are naïve. A great variety of students are more knowledgeable than some adults. Just look at the literacy rates!

Nearly fifty years ago, an amendment was added to The Constitution, outlawing any prohibitions of citizens eighteen and over from voting. The Constitution never said anything about those younger. If a minor wants to vote, they should be given a test to see if they are mature and capable of voting. We can think for ourselves! Looking at our current economic situation, can we really afford to NOT do something?!

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