January 13, 2012
By Mr.Joe BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
Mr.Joe BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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If a country is destroyed, should it be rebuilt, or honored by a memorial? Should it be healed, or left as a scar? On September 11, terrorists attacked America using planes as missiles. They plummeted into the twin towers and the pentagon. Thousands of lives were lost in the wreckage. It was a victory for the terrorists.

The question now, is should there be a memorial built or another building built again in its place? The best option is to build another building. When the human body is hurt, it builds itself back up. America should have the same mentality. The terrorists wanted to destroy us. They wanted America to crumble in fear. Even though devastating, this act of terror was a just a wound. America is strong and we should rebuild and show them that we are strong. We should show them that the United States of America will not be left bleeding. That we will build back our wounds and be stronger than ever before.

However, thousands of people lost their lives that day. Are they just a wound? No, they are not. They were friends, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wives, and husbands. They were Americans who died that day. They will not be forgotten. Building a memorial in the tower’s place would be a great way of honoring those who lost their lives. America would see it as a memorial to those who died. The terrorists would not. It would be building them an award. It is a wonderful concept to honor those who died but they would only see it as a medal for what they have destroyed.

This is why America can not show them weakness. We must show them strength. The newly built towers could pose as another target for the terrorists. Of course it could. So could anything else. Frankly, everything could be a terrorist’s target; A house, a train, a bus, ect. The point is we will not live our lives in fear. We could all get bombed right at this very moment. That is such a pessimistic view in life though. If America lives in fear, then America might as well not exist at all.

It would be nice to commemorate the lives lost. I whole heartedly believe that we should have a memorial somewhere in New York to honor them. However, it should not be right in the same spot as the towers. We have the choice of leaving a scar or a bruise. The bruise will go away. It will rebuild and be stronger. The scar will be there forever. It will be a mark that will forever stay as a terrorist accomplishment. We have to realize that the terrorists want us to be scared. We have to just make it a bruise.
The American society was in shock during 9/11. They were afraid so they flew their flags and prayed for safety. Our society is strong. In a time of need, they resort to patriotism. What better way to do that than to make those buildings again? It is not just to prove a point to the terrorists. It is not just to prove to the world. It is to prove to ourselves, that we are strong. It is to prove that America is unbreakable and that we will not fall. What hurts us makes a stronger. Those lives lost were a tragedy. Do you think that they would have wanted us to not rebuild? Do you think they felt it was okay to show we are weak? No, America is a country. We are a superpower. It is not completely safe. There are threats that we live with every day of our lives. We go about our day prone to death any second, but we live life and we live it with no fear. We live it with no regrets. America is not afraid to show that we are strong. We are a nation that will prevail through the best and the worst of times. We live proud. We live free. We live as citizens of the United States of America.

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