October 22, 2008
By Dillion Baity, Douglasville, GA

Imagine this you’re walking down the street and you see yourself. What would you think? This would be really weird. This would make me freak out. This is what happens when you clone yourself. You have completely taken away your individuality. Is this what you want? This is defiantly not what I want. Cloning is being perfected we need to stop it. This will take a lot of people to do.
There are two views on cloning. One is the people that think cloning is the way of the future. The other is the people that don’t want cloning. I agree with the people that don’t want cloning. But both sides make a good statement.
Reasons why cloning is not good. Cloning is an expensive. It could even be too expensive. Cloning may over populate the planet. The planet is already be populated to fast. This process is too expensive. The process only has a 2-3% chance of working. Cloning may also transfer disease to both the clone and the person being cloned.
The clone made could be tampered with so that it had a certain eye color or something like that. The clone could have a shorter life span. This could make it where there is no use to for man because, the clone can be altered to have super strength or be very smart. So this would make it where we have no use for regular men.
These are the opinions of people who like cloning. Some people think cloning might make a better understanding of all the spontaneous abortions. Some people think that cloning may help people better understand cloning. It could also be used for parents who risk passing on a disease. Also some people think that if a parent wants his child to have the same traits as him then the people can take the DNA cells from parents to make a child with the same traits.
I still think that cloning is not the best thing. I think that we should abandon the idea. This is not good and I gave some good reasons why cloning is not good and why some people think it is good. I hope this will help you make up your mind.

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