Internet Slang

January 17, 2008
By Jeevanjot Singh, Toronto, ZZ

There has been a noticeable change in the way that younger people write, mainly due to the expansion of the Internet. The Internet, let alone the computer, is drastically changing the way younger people express themselves in forms of writing. These transitions from writing on paper to using a piece of technology can be seen in differentiating styles of writing for essays and any school related assignments. Learning to type and using the Internet is one of the best things to learn, especially for younger people. The Internet is improving writing skills and allowing younger people to write more without tiring out. There is also the positive aspect of being able to go back to your work and editing it many times through without all the messy work. Learning to type on the Internet is an excellent skill to acquire. Even when using abbreviations, it is easy to modify writing skills when writing professionally.

Learning to type is not very difficult because when started at a young age it becomes an easy habit to pick up on. I learned to type faster while using instant messaging on programs such as MSN Messenger and emailing my friends. This allowed me to write essays faster and also allowed me extra time for editing. Instead of using textbooks, students can use the Internet to help them with research. There are a lot of complicated words used that are easier to define on the Internet than when using a dictionary. Examples of these include hypocrisy, which in simpler terms is phoniness or lucrative which means profitable. This comes in very handy and it increases the vocabulary of younger people. I can compare to this to an example of writing essays, such as the one I am writing right now. The computer and my quick typing skills help me to write faster and get all my thoughts down before I forget them. If I was to be writing this essay by hand my work would be messy and I would not be able to read what I have written.

The Internet is really helpful when it comes to learning different vocabulary. There are a lot of abbreviations used but they hardly impact the writing style for younger people. The language used in chat rooms and forums is different than the language used when writing an essay or school related assignment. As young people we tend to write more, as a result this increases our comfort level, which can lead to different and creative writing styles that we are able to go back to and edit. This makes it easier to change a story and add in new words, when using programs such as Microsoft Word. This adds a positive impact on a person’s writing style.

The Internet and computer programs offer many features that improve writing and teach younger people to write more fluently. Computer based programs are useful for finding synonyms and using different words. If I am writing on a piece of paper I find myself lazy to go to the thesaurus and find alternate words. I also don’t find myself looking in a dictionary to see if I spelled a particular word correctly. With the computer I find it easy to find words using a single click. If I do spell a word wrong I can very easily find the correct spelling for it. On Microsoft Word, all the features are available. Another feature, which makes the computer a better choice, is sentence fragments. The computer picks up on these and lets you correct the sentence. It is a very helpful tool that increases the quality of writing.

The Internet and Microsoft Word help younger people write with better quality. The programs and features available on the computer are making massive differences in writing styles. Abbreviations are included with this, but at the same time they have no effect on any informal language used. It is a very easy transition from changing from abbreviated writing to school writing. The Internet is a helpful resource that we will become more dependent on in the future, and this is not a bad thing. I myself see the Internet as an assistant to me when writing. It catches my flaws and helps me correct them. Hassle free.

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