February 13, 2012
By Anonymous


When my mother is murdered, my desperate need to stay hidden
becomes even more crucial. My identity is completely
non-existent. I have never had medical records, a social security
number, a job, or even a drivers license, and my evasive mother
never told me how she kept us alive. After her death, I am
kidnapped by the very people I am sure had to do with my
mother's death, and I find out that my mother was planning
for me to work for this agency as a private spy since my birth. I
am then plunged into a strange romance with a mysterious man who
goes by many names, and I never really knows what side he is on.
I'm not sure what side anyone is on actually, until I find
out a deadly secret. My survival techniques and intelligence are
my only hope for uncovering the truth about what really happens
at this place...



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