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It's hard to escape something that is inevitable. This short story expresses the thoughts and feelings as well as the memories of our hero as he literally walks towards his inevitable fate. (more »)
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Utopians always seem to fail, which in return determines the people to make this society succeed. This utopia is called Aequalis, a place where the utopian lifestyle has succeeded by eliminating all jealousy by keeping equality. Welcome to Aequalis. (more »)
Who Am I
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Alex Black must travel across America to save the country. Not knowing who he is, he is forced to trust someone he doesn't know in order to accomplish what he knows he must do. (more »)
By , middleton, NY
It was said, or rather, unsaid, that admitting one’s illness, even to oneself, would drive you to irredeemable insanity. You will soon be dead. For you see, this is a disease of the mind. (more »)
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The Choosing
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When Tessa is sent to a new Division, she finds that her home and her world is not quite what it seems. (more »)
The Second Children
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“…strict measures will be enforced to control the birth of two or more babies. Everything should be done to insure that the natural population growth rate in China falls to zero by 2000.”-Chen Muhua (more »)
Where Time Hides
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When the government collapses, the Johonoh family must do something about it. (more »)
Ezrith; A Place With No Help (Part One of Ezneo)
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Phoenix Artellin is a famous explorer living in Ezrith. Besides the fact that her hair changes colors, and her government is tyrannical, she lives an average life...Not. (more »)
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In this book detective James Abdul finds himself inserted into a secret society that is part of a world wide plot. (more »)
The Touch of Fear
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Do you know what it's like to have your life flipped upside down? Have the rug ripped out from under your feet? Logan Cooper does. And she wishes she didn't. (more »)
As the faucet drips...
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Hi, my name is Remy, I'm 17 years old, a girl, and I run.
All the time.
I run.
Just running from everything.
Along the way, I meet people. I see things. I do things.
And, uh, this is my story. (more »)
The Kassy Jones Chronicles & The Time A God...
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The Chronicles of Kassy Jones & is a six part book series that follows our heroine, Kassy Jones and her journey through being a teenager (more »)
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An AU in which being gay is "normal" and being straight is not. (more »)
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Alex Morris must save his son from the grips of evil. But is Alex himself that evil? (more »)
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This a distopian story. I think it is good. (more »)
Caring is Not the Disadvantage You Thought It...
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Basically Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes have angst and feels and it's just a feels-trip. (more »)

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