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Ad Populum

June 18, 2017
By ElizaJewell, Rolla, Missouri
ElizaJewell, Rolla, Missouri
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In the beginning, a dark, burly figure appears at Josie's North Carolina home. The readers can tell she knows who he is, but is uncomfortable and makes an attempt to run to the nearest gas station when he blocks her from getting into her car. He runs after her and murders Josie after vicious fight with her dog.

Meanwhile, the local priest, Father Lawrence, and Josie's only witness, tries to compfort Jake, Josie's son. After questioning Lawrence, Detective Thorpe has his suspicions but knows he must find more evidence. He finds Bella, the missing pet, only to see her step in front of a car. Believing it was suicide, Thorpe's next actions, as well as the perceptions coveyed in the story, challenge the Catholic Church's beliefs and systems.


Ad Populum

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