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An Unexpected Encounter

December 24, 2016
By cnoelle26, Layton, Utah
cnoelle26, Layton, Utah
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It was a cold autumn day. I walked to the car, the breeze blowing through my blonde hair. I hopped into our tan car, greeted by my two other brothers fighting and my baby sister wailing. It was just another normal day. At least that's what I thought...

I woke up in a dark place. My mouth was gagged and my hands were tied. My head throbbed. I couldn’t tell where I was. Suddenly, there was a bright light that was shining on my face. I heard a deep voice. "We found...them" "Them?" I thought. "There's someone else in here with me?" I felt someone seize my arm as the door to my prison slammed shut. 


An Unexpected Encounter

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