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The Break Out

December 9, 2016
By Cormac BRONZE, San Diego, California
Cormac BRONZE, San Diego, California
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      In Robin's worlds, the government is corrupt and dysfunctional. Not only do they want the people to suffer, but they want them to die. But Robin however, has other plans. Robin wants to flip on Commnder Montgomry, who is the main leader of the government and help the poor, innocent people out. 

      In this story their are three types of people too. Their are the Goldchest, Neigons, and Taunterks. The Goldchest are the richest people who the government wants to take with to their new  journey. The Neigons are the middle class who are just averaged people. Lastl, the Taunterks are the poorest people of all who live on the street. The government wants nothing to do with them. 

       The journey of what Robin does is a remarkable, amusing journey that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Will he do it? Or will he fail?


The Break Out

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