Infinite Faith

June 21, 2013
By Autumn. BRONZE, Lakeville, Massachusetts
Autumn. BRONZE, Lakeville, Massachusetts
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"Life is a painting and you're the artist, so paint me jealous paint me rage for God's sake paint me anything just paint, your brush awaits."
"Allons-y!" - The Doctor
"Bow ties are cool" - The Doctor
"Dragon by default, cow by coincidence"


Too long, that's how long this had been going on. Children being taken and injected without being told what they were going through. Too much, that's how much pain there was in this Center. Enough, they had more than enough when they acted.

CHildren fighting back can they beat the only thing they've ever known? Can teenagers help one another, put their differences aside and focus on the task at hand?

Everything rides on their desicions, now when everything they've known is questioned will they rise to the occasion, or will they fold? THe only advice they can give on another is Have Faith.


Infinite Faith

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