You Won...

June 7, 2014
By Anonymous


“Won’t you ever let me talk?” I was so frustrated. “What do you have to tell? I am so tired of this Lisa.” His words were so sharp like a dagger. Piercing through my heart. Ripping my arteries and veins apart. I don’t understand anything.
“Was it too much to ask for? All I ever did was stand back and stay silent. Have I ever told you anything?” my eyes started to well with teardrops. But I am not gonna let myself look weak before him. Not anymore!
“Did I ask you to do so? Why can’t I get some privacy? It is not like you are lonely over there. Do you think that am not seeing you flirting around with that jerk Jordan?” oh… my… god… I am losing control right now. Or am I losing myself? The rage that is burning beneath his eyes can't stand near the ocean of teardrops that I am holding on from flowing out and drown him to death.
Who is it, this guy I am talking to? Why does it feel as lonely as if I am under the large stone? It is too cold like I am buried deep under the soil. I don’t know this guy. In his eyes, I see nothing more than this anxiety that is overwhelming with sarcastic words like a mud hole. In his deep blue eyes, which used to pour love and affection like a Christmas snowfall and shower me with irresistible bliss. In his dear blue eyes, that I used to find peace from. In his daunting blue eyes, now that I see hatred only.
Did I just wake up from a sweet dream? Or did I just fell deep asleep into a nightmare? Why does it always have to be me the one that loses? I just don’t comprehend this. Life is unfair and love is a suffer. If I would have known that this is the real him, or wait… is this the real him? I am standing on the edge of the thinnest ice. Though, I should just jump off rather than falling down and not being held by that someone responsible so that I will just let him win again…


You Won...

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