Dying Love

May 14, 2013
By Infiniteinspirit, Cincinnati, Ohio
Infiniteinspirit, Cincinnati, Ohio
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If I had a penny for every time you crossed my mind, I'd only have one because once you crossed it, you never left.


Sierra is a teenage girl. There are two things about her that make her special: she's magic, and she has a habit of lying. She also knows about the race of killing machines, called Life Enders. They killed a teenage boy named Jay Winterfield, who Sierra falls madly in love with. She uses her powers to give him his second life. When Jay is reborn, he doesn't remember anything about his past. All except for the little details about his girlfriend, Catherine, who lives back in his hometown of Queensborough. Jay is puzzled by Sierra and she decides to deceive him and not tell him about being reborn. Jay is insistent on getting back home and recovering his past. Sierra is envious and wants Jay to love her instead of Catherine. Eventually Jay has feelings for Sierra. But by that time, Life Enders track them down and their lives hang in the balance. Can Sierra and Jay survive? Will Jay find out about the truth? Will this love stay or die? It's in the hands of fate.


Dying Love

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