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I Should've Kissed You

Author's note: Yes, this is based off of a One Direction song. When I hear music I tend to write little stories...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Yes, this is based off of a One Direction song. When I hear music I tend to write little stories in my head. I thought that this one was worth showing you guys. ^_^ Please rate/comment! Tell me what you guys think!!!  « Hide author's note
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Three Weeks Eariler~ Monday

It was a new year. It was a new couple classes the school board allowed to give us for options of electives. It was a new beginning. Yet, it was the same old school with the same old people.

“Let’s just consider ourselves thankful we have more to choose from this year.” Natasha reminds me with a smile while she is turned in her seat, looking at me with enthusiasm.
“Yeah, I guess so.” I say and she smiles wider because she is right, as always. “I still
First Hand Invitation. <3 :)
don’t know why you made me take this class though. It isn’t exactly the best time consumer.” I say and Natasha just shrugs. She made me sign up for support in math. I hated math, but it didn’t mean I was bad at it. The lowest I have ever gotten was a B- in the subject. So that makes me one of the “helpers” which means I have to help the students who DO have trouble with a simple algebraic equation.

“It is a class for the smartest and dumbest people in the school, isn’t it? You aren’t dumb for taking it. Maybe you can teach a guy to be intelligent. You would be a first.” She smiles back at me and turns back around to whisper something else. “Plus there are hot guys in this class.”
“Tasha we are juniors and you are whispering like a little girl about a few hot guys.” I say rather loudly to prove my point that it doesn’t matter if you whisper anymore. Even if you do, your “secrets” will eventually get out. This is high school.
“Just because you ditched the glasses and let me put makeup on you doesn’t make you Ms. Always Right.” She says in a matter of fact way.
I am surprised she brought that up actually. My glasses bothered her more then me. We have been friends for officially three months. If our parents didn’t work for the same company we wouldn’t even say hi to one another. I had always thought that Natasha was a stuck up rich kid, but she proved me wrong, because when she isn’t having her ‘I’m always right’ moments she’s incredibly nice. At the end of the summer we had bonded over, she gave me a make over. Cheesy, right? Yet it wasn’t all bad. Not having to worry about getting scratches on your glasses is a bonus, I’d have to say.

At the moment I’m not seeing anyone cute, just a bunch of morons with attractive faces. Nobody with my definition of ‘cute’, as in somebody I would date AND show my parents. There are a few guys that have let their eyes linger just a second longer when they hit me, which I am perfectly fine with by the way! I just don’t need another ignoramus of a crush. Now that I’m “hot” I guess (by the way I’m saying this in the most respectful way possible) I will just have to deal with the ones that I have to step over to get to who I really want. Do I know this person yet? No, but does that stop me from waiting for him, of course not!

Right when all hope seems to be coming to a close for finding “Mr. Right” in this class, someone walks into the room. Drew smiles at the eyes that meet him, which is every pair this room owns. Not only did that hope come to a close, but the door just got slammed in its face.


I walk into the classroom and am brought to a pleasant surprise. First, this class isn’t going to be just a bunch of nerds. Hallelujah! Second, the only empty seat is next to a not too bad looking girl. Lucky me! When I sit down I wink her way, being flirtatious as always. I don’t think I have ever seen this girl around before.
“And where have you been all of my life?” I ask and her face turns my way. It sparks familiarity in me, but I am sure I don’t know her.
“Hum, in all of your classes since kinder garden if you don’t count fifth grade where you were put into Ms. Harkins and I was in Mr. Tosco’s.” she says, biting the end of her pen while avoiding my eyes to look down at her paper. Her shoulders face me but her head is tilted in the hottest way so that I have a perfect view of the arch in her neck. No way have I known this girl. She smiles at my smirk that I hold.
“No way.” I say and she turns her head back to look at me, but still shows her neck perfectly because her hair has flown to her back.
“Yes way, and I actually don’t like you.” She says in the cutest little way, smiling and turning forward in her seat. Does she know that she is silently killing me with how her lips curve underneath that pen? Then I remember that I can get any girl in this entire school! Why do I feel the need to impress this one? I make the joke anyways; I don’t like being disliked anyhow!
“Is it because I am black?” I ask and her laugh is gorgeous.
“Oh, so you’re using the black card on me?” she asks, looking at me for an instant. This is just a game I like to play. It’s called cat and mouse. Usually I am the cat, but I am curious to see if she thinks the same about herself.
“Yes, I am.” I say and smile wider then ever. This is interesting. I have never had a girl call me out on using that move.
“That is a pretty weird way to make conversation.” She says in a way that I can just barely tell she is interested in this game also.
“So is telling someone that you don’t like them.” I say and she looks at me full on now. Holding out a hand, I take it and shake.
“I’m Amanda Kolbe, since you obviously couldn’t remember that.” she asks and I let go of her hand to pick my jaw off of the floor. Amanda Kolbe!
“Yes, I remember you. I was just messing around, I knew it was you.” I say and she looks at me with a ‘Yeah right’ look in her eyes. Should I just play along with the lie I just made? Make it seem like there might be a connection between us? Sure, why not this could be fun and she looks like she wants to play along.
“Oh, were you?” she says, a wicked smile coming to her perfect lips. How could I have not noticed Amanda? She was the same girl who sat in the back round while I dated all of her friends and ‘broke’ their hearts.
It has to be the fact that I have never seen her in a pencil skirt, with her hair down, and without braces/glasses. Yes, this has to be the only reason.
“Yes I was in fact.” I say, joking around and altering myself from ‘very huge flirt’ to, ‘hey you’ve turned cute flirt’ which are on two very different levels to play on.

“Drew? Want to announce something to the class?” Mr. Hilling stands up at his desk. When did he get here? Since when do I not pay attention to when teachers enter the room? God, Amanda you really distracted me.
“Sure, sir.” I say and he looks a bit surprised.
“I am having a party at my house tonight, a bonfire if you will. Anyone is welcome to come. I was just telling Ms. Kolbe that she has a first hand invitation from me if she wants it.” I sit down and Mr. Hilling only looks at Amanda. Is he wondering where she turned hot from too? At that thought, I immediately hate Mr. Hilling. She is younger then he is by a lot and his eyes still linger as mine did when I saw her. What a pervert.

“Well, then the two of you can stay after class and discuss the party plans while grading papers and taking staples out of the board. Thanks, it means a lot that you guys care about keeping this place orderly like I do.” Mr. Hilling says and Amanda rubs her temples, showing her irritation. I still can’t get my mind off of those lips. I have no excuse for remembering those.
I give him a meaningful stare, angry because I don’t want to spend my free period watching him stare at Amanda.
“So that would be for the rest of the week also?” Mr. Hilling challenges.
“Mr. Hilling I was only joking, it wasn’t Amanda who was talking it was only…” and before I can finish Amanda is standing up with me, because the rule of this classroom is that you stand when you feel the need to speak.

“We would love to stay in.” she says.

I shoot her eyes of daggers, releasing the ones I shot at Mr. Hilling to put on her.
“Ok then.” Mr. Hilling says and I sit back down with a thump of anger. She got us stuck in her for thirty minutes while I could be having free period with all of my friends. “Class you may leave, except for the two of you.”
Wait, what? The class is over? But I learned nothing! I didn’t even see the teacher come in! This girl had me completely off track.
“Ok, you guys can start pulling the staples out of the boards. I will be back after I copy some papers.” Mr. Hilling leaves us in a matter of seconds once everybody has left the room.

“I could’ve talked him out of it.” I say madly towards Amanda. Who does she think she is? I could be doing something worth my time. This flirting game is fun, I will give her that, but I have a real life.
“Used the black card?” she asks and I laugh. Ok, that was a good one.
“No, he is a teacher.”
“That card works on everybody, even teachers. I said that we would stay in so that you wouldn’t have to make yourself look bad. You’re welcome.” She says as she plucks staples out of the wall using her fingers.
“How would I make myself look bad?” I ask her and Amanda only smiles and continues to pick staples from the wall.

“Nobody likes a black teenager trying to make everybody feel racist.” She says in a genuine way. How is it she could make it sound that way though?
“I’ll keep that in mind.” I say and she smiles.


“You should.” I tell him. I’m not sure why I started flirting back, but I did! Hey, I’m not all bad at it either. Drew has shown me that I am correct in thinking that too, by flirting back even more. He has a tendency to look at my lips a little longer then most too.
“We should hang out some time.” Drew says, finally picking up on the hint that he should do some work too and taking out some staples himself.
“Yeah, ok maybe. Sure.” I say and he smiles. “So you’re having a bonfire.” I say, in an attempt to make some form of conversation that isn’t about black people or us having to stay in here.

“Yeah, you’re welcome to come.” He says, throwing away all the staples we have both taken out.

“Because I have a first hand invitation?” I ask and he smiles wider at my joking around.

“Yes, of course you do. You should come.” Drew say, and then takes a seat on a desk right by the board.
“Why is that?” I ask, turning away from him to take more staples out of the board.
“You could have fun.”
“It’s Monday.”
“It’s just the beginning of the week, why not start it out right?” he asks.
“That’s not what I call starting my week right.” I say and he smiles at me some more.
“Now it’s my turn to ask why that is?”
“Because I would rather sleep a full night, thank you very much.”
“Hum, well I’ll see you there anyway.”
“No you won’t.” I say because this guy is missing the point.
“Yes I will.”
“No, you…” I say but we are interrupted by someone clearing their throat out very loudly.
“You two will be coming in after school for the rest of the week.” Mr. Hilling stands at the doorway with his hands filled with copies.


“Yes sir.” Amanda says with a smile. She’s probably just saying that because of fear of me speaking and keeping us in here longer.
“Now go get lunch.” He says. We each nod and make our way out of the room. God, I hate math support. I’m supposed to be the undercover genius kid, not the one who helps everybody else!

“Thanks for not saying anything.” Amanda says as we walk down the hall to the cafeteria.
“You’re welcome.” I say and then we stop because of my hand being held out.
“So I’ll see you tonight?” I ask for about the millionth time.
“No.” she says before pushing past me and going through the lunch room’s door. When it closes quietly I laugh.


After walking into the cafeteria to see everybody’s eyes land on me, I walked to the table where Tasha and a bunch of other people I barely know are sitting.

“What happened back there?” she asks, but I don’t answer. All I can think about is how I heard a happy laugh before I closed the door and Drew saying: “Yes I will.” For some odd reason, this makes me smile wider then I already was.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 22 Next »

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prettysoccer_girl34 said...
Oct. 16, 2012 at 5:24 pm
I love this novel!!! It is awesome and im waiting for you to finish because it is amazing :)
Fakesmile replied...
Oct. 16, 2012 at 7:40 pm
Thank you! I love writing this and to know that people like you enjoy it means the world to me! Sorry for the chapters taking so long to come out, I just want them to be perfect when you read them and this makes me take more time then I normally would. Thanks again and don't worry there's a lot more of this story to come! :D
Krazy.Katie said...
Sept. 8, 2012 at 10:35 pm
Fakesmile replied...
Sept. 18, 2012 at 9:07 pm
Thanks for your comment! :) I'm happy you like it. I'm thining of changing some things around, but other then that you should be able to read the rest once i get my new computer (:  
JustAnotherDay. said...
Aug. 31, 2012 at 9:08 pm
Not half bad so far. Keep it going.
Fakesmile replied...
Sept. 3, 2012 at 4:10 pm
Thanks. I know it isn't all that good, but i'm thinking about changing it up. Might even write the first two chapters over. Wish me luck! Thanks again for the comment.
Fakesmile replied...
Oct. 1, 2012 at 5:11 pm
What do you think now?  
IwiLLhOpE replied...
Dec. 10, 2012 at 3:38 pm
Ha! Probably hiding his/her face in shame :)
Fakesmile replied...
Dec. 30, 2012 at 3:29 pm
You just made my day! Thank you!!!

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