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All of the Unknown and Forgotten

Author's note: I created this back in eighth grade and worked on it through my freshman year. A shame I will never finish it.
Author's note: I created this back in eighth grade and worked on it through my freshman year. A shame I will never finish it.  « Hide author's note
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October 23

10:13 P.M.
Dear Diary,
I'm so weird. I have the need to tell no one in particular about who I am and what's going on in my life, even though it's been written down many times. Well, here it goes:
I have a perfect life. My friends love me, and I have nothing to fear ever. I am not spoiled, but I do relish life, and love going to school, and having fun with my friends. I live in Arizona, and it gets unbearably hot in the summer, and because it gets so hot in the summer, it seems like it is so terribly cold, but I deal with it.
I even have a boyfriend. He is so protective of me; I'm not used to it. Usually I'm the strong willed person at school, and I don't do well in lasting relationships, but this is exceptional. I think we might last. His personality amazes me. He is so bright, and I'm usually not quite so bright all the time. It's like I'm an old light bulb that lit up a room, but he's a brand new bulb that lights up the entire house. Big difference.
Allainai is my cousin/sister. She is going to stay with us because her stepmom doesn't like her, and she doesn't want to live with an eight year old cry baby sister. The rest of her family is in Oregon, but she loves it here. It is perfect for her, because to her, we're a little bit rich. She tells me everything, as well as I tell her everything (more than once). She gets annoyed when I do that, but it makes us laugh.
My brother, ugh, what else? He's annoying as usual. Rose and Allainai hate him almost as much as I do. Having a brother that is just annoying all the time just plain sucks. I don't know what to do with him. All he does is tell me how bad everything is about me. I swear I want to strangle him sometimes, but isn't that the job of a little brother? To annoy the crap out of me?
Mom and Dad . . . they love Allainai being here. They treat her like her very own daughter, and we're all happy that she is here. Unlike my step-aunt, my mom actually acts like she is her mother. Allainai doesn't call her "Aunt Crissy" (my mom's name is Crystal, like me) anymore. She calls her "Mom", and I love that. Allainai doesn't act all awkward around Mom, and now, I can say that Allainai is my sister. Whoo hoo, for me, I actually have somebody to talk to!
She might not really be adopted, but that's pretty cool that I can have my very favorite person living with me.
Oh, Taylor is so awesome! I actually feel like a woman around him. That is so much better than any other boyfriend I've had. Even better, my parent like him, and surprisingly, so does my brother. (Sorry about jumping from that topic to this one again, I just forgot about this, and I just wanted to say it, write it . . . Whatever!)
Only yesterday he gave me a really pretty necklace. It even had my birthstone on it! It was an opal. Actually, it had a lot of pink on it, and normally I hate the color pink, but I think I can make an exception. It looked really good on me, and I loved the thought behind it. *Sigh* I feel like I'm living in a really good romance novel. One that I could read and read, and never get bored of it . . .
The best part . . . I haven't written the best part, ok, maybe not the best, but we've been going out for a week! I know it doesn't seem that long, but relationships seem to be very hard for me to keep . . . at least with boys. (No, that doesn't mean that I go out with girls, it's just that I have only friends with girls. Like I said, it's very hard to have a boy on my side for certain things) I don't understand it. They always just break up with me to run off with some other girl! I'd rather have them cheating on me! It drives me crazy that they break up with me for such a lame reason. And every time, it is a girl that they just met. They didn't even know their name yet! Is there something wrong with me? Do I attract bad luck, or what? It's ridiculous! What next? Will I hit by a car? (Ahh, I crack me up)
One of the guys actually left me for some dumb blonde he met on MySpace! (I know, I'm a platinum blonde, but that is beside the point. She was an actual BLONDE, not even ice. At least the platinum's are intelligent. Our hair is practically white. And just to prove I'm intelligent, I'm in the gifted program at school.) And I've been with our teacher ever since Kindergarten when they started Search. Now, it's called P.I. since I joined in 3rd grade.
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