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The heartbreak of it all

Author's note: The book "The Pigman" inspired this, and has a sort-of similar plot.
Author's note: The book "The Pigman" inspired this, and has a sort-of similar plot.  « Hide author's note
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Sometimes life is hard. Some people make a mountain out of a molehill, and some people pretend the biggest things that ever happened are no big deal. But sometimes, people know exactly where things fall in terms of just how much damage is done. I used to know a girl who knew exactly how bad her problems were. This is my story.

It was about nine months ago, I think, that I met her. We clicked right away. People judged us, since we were, you know, opposite genders. They thought we did stuff, and they assumed the worst. We didn't care, we were best friends. Her name was Amelia Johnson. And on the topic of names, mine’s Jason Anderson.
She was a pretty girl, Amelia, and I’m surprised she wanted me as a friend. I’m just average. Anyways, that’s not the point.

Like I said, nine months ago. We met one night in October. I was in a small cafe in the downtown part of our town. It's not a very big town, either, so this cafe was really the only place to go. The name of it was Cafe de la Terre. Now I don't mean to brag, but we were quite rebellious, when we were still best friends. And when I say were, I don't mean that as if we just stopped being friends.. I'll explaing that later. I'm real sorry if I get off topic often, I'm just like that.
So anyways. Yes, we were rebels. We did some weird things. I remember on halloween, we went out and hid in a tree and dropped candy on kids who passed beneath us. It was funny, because the smallest children thought they were at a candy tree!
Amelia and I went to the same school, and had all the same classes, lucky for us. We took the bus home together, but she got off three stops before me. We would sit together on the bus and talk about weird things just because we can. We would always thing of the wildest ideas we could and everyone else thought we were insane, but we weren't. We were just.. different.
Last December, we were wandering around looking for christmas presents for eachother. We didn't mind knowing what we were getting early. I remember she got me a book about photography, and I got her a pair of mittens made to look like little kittens. It was a good trip. We went back to her hosue afterwards for hot chocolate. Then she had to go to the doctor's for a check-up. She asked me to come wait in the waiting room for her. I did.
The first thing that went bad during our friendship was when she came out of the doctor's office with a really far-away-type-look on her face. She look like she'd just died on the inside. I tried to joke with her to cheer her up, but nothing was working.
“Amelia, want to hear a joke?” I asked with a grin.
“Sure,” she replied, completely emotionless.
“So, there's a farmer in a bar, and a horse walks in. The farmer says, 'Why such a long face?' Get it?” I asked, smiling at my cheesy joke.
“No...” she said, and she sounded wounded, distant.
“'Cause a horse has a long face, literally. Now do you get it?” I explained, enthusiasm lost.
“Uh... yeah. I do. Ha, ha,” she forced an obviously face smile on her porcelain face.
“Amelia... come on. What's wrong?” I asked, now very concerned.
“Nothing... just I didn't get enough sleep last night,” she said, slightly hesitantly.
“You were fine an hour ago...” I said, knowing she was obviously lying.
“Oh,” was all she said. All she said for the entire way back home. We walked silently for what seemed like forever through the graceful snow crystals falling from the clouds. I looked over at her, something was wrong.
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